The City of Barakus

Thank you Necromancer Games for this fine publication.
Welcome my friends and players to this fine drop in setting. Many of the cities on the continent of Colemar on the world of Geb are part of drop-in adventures / settings from other publishers. I hope you will enjoy them tied together with the story line that makes this a land for adventure.

I am putting this down here so that it is established once and for all and that even I can look back to see what the decision was.
This is a party that will now have a total of 5 Gestalt Characters and 2 NPCs total. To keep the challenges on par with the standard D&D progression, monster encounters will be selected / designed to be 2 levels higher than the party level. Sometimes higher if it is meant to be a real challenge. For reasons of Experience, the encounter will be graded one level LOWER. This is in accordance with the guidance of the Unearthed Arcana. It should not be a problem with the extra XP I award for rolls, spells, and role playing.
This is now established and not up for negotiation. I think you will find that if it had not been spelled out, you would be having an rather good time with the game and progressing just fine.
Don’t forget to spend your treasure.

Here is our wiki.

The Lost City of Barakus

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