The Lost City of Barakus

Adventure so far

The star character of the prologue is Sojin the psyonic monk, sent on a mission to retrieve 3 sacred items stollen from the monistary.
Given guidance by an ancient tree spirit, he traveled far to the city of Endhome on the east coast to an Inn who’s name has escaped me at this late hour. (Little help Sojin?) Here on “the night of the storm” he was to find the one-eyed-man.
On this night, he met both Skritch the town drunk with a questionable hero ethic and Matthew Tor a Kyreen mercenary abandoned by his sailing ship. Skritch had been a one eyed soldier for years. Tor lost his eye thi very night. Which of these is the men he needs?

While making preparations to leave Sojin, Reginald, and the two one-eyed-men find a dark priestess who is selling slaves to ships that come in the night. The crew raides the glittering temple of the Slaving Priestess and summarily executes the slavers and frees many tormented souls. They befriend Father Bemus and plant him in this new church to do good for Endhome.

With these two men added to his party and his traveling companion Reginald the privlaged rogue, they head out to the ruins of Barakus in Fools Pass to learn the Key of the Ancient and use it to unlock the first of the three artifacts that must be placed in a new temple.

At the entrance of the ruins Sojin and the troop left their mounts in the hands of a few stranded travlers and headed into the depths.

To date they have wiped out one large nest of Kobolds and a troops of Ratmen. They made the casual aquaintance of a Half Orc and of a Gnome living in self imposed exile.

There was one black dragon who met his demise, and all his treasure now packed in the portable hole of the troop.

In the dark waters in the first level of the caverns there were 3 islands. Each with a box to hold a key set atop of it. Each with a secret passage into an underground room that has not yet been unlocked. Of the three keys needed to open this door, only one has been found.

The Gnome gave a Sojin a scrawled map to show him the way to the door down to the second level.

Announced in game but not seen, after 2 weeks in his new home, Father Bemus was murdered in the night and another troop of slavers opened shop.


ArgentDM ArgentDM

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