The Lost City of Barakus

New Players

After the untimely demise of Father Bemus, our second hero enters the stage.

Edar Gix walks into the city of Endhome and makes a small nest in a warehouse. Here he spies the second batch of slavers moving thier product. Edar uses his skills to free these poor souls and tracks the slavers back to their temple and once more, puts them to the point of the sword.

After his successful entrance to the hero comunity of Endhome Edar was grabbed by Penelope. Penelope is the wife of Fenton, the propriotor of Kings Road Inn and part time Sorcerer. Fenton has been missing for a year and Penelope has been recieving psychic dreams that he remains in deep cavern with a dark companion. She is certain that Gix is the one who will find and rescue Fenton based on these dreams.

Gix is introduced to Senestra, a Kender Bard / Sorcerer who (while not seen in the dreams) has been asked to decend into the depths.

Fenton had gone into Barakus based on a map he bought that details a part of the dungeon where someones remains and equipment have been left. He copied the map and left it at home and took the original. This has been handed to Gix with the hope that it will help him locate Fenton. Lament, it is of the interior, not of where it will be found in the hills.

DM note to the public: Much to the DM’s ire, Gix and Senestra made it from Endhome into Fools Pass without the encounter table giving them a single encounter. Not dice, not a computer roller, nothing produced a random encounter. DM was sad.


ArgentDM ArgentDM

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