The Lost City of Barakus

The Kender and Monk

Our newest session was a deep success.

Edar Gix and Scenestra were in the hills searching for Barakus. In the foot hills they were attacked. The small one of the group, Edar Gix, was abducted by Gimlocks who were returning to their lair inside Barakus.

Scenestra secured thier mounts and headed inside where she witnessed a battle between a Grimlock ad goblis. When the battle was done she entered further into the dungeon and finally made contact with the other adventurers.

At long last the party ventured into the water and found the door to the next level of the dungeon. Here they encountered the Mist Demon. The battle was fierce and the demon was trounced.

The party went into the second level and found themselves in the secret passage once used by Barakus royalty. The first encounter was with a group of goblins. The battle raged and some ran.

Deeper into the ruined city was discovered the lair of a Dire Weasel. Reginald threw a thunderstone into the hole and agravated the animal.

Past this battle was a new stronghold of goblins. Short tunnel where murder holes abound. The party fought their way in bravely. There were many powerful combatants including goblin druids who summoned monsters to help them fight. One goblin survived 6 arrows in his chest andfell to his knees begging for mercy. Which he got. As Reginald slit his throat.

Here the DM did pause in the telling of his tale.


ArgentDM ArgentDM

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