Matthew Tor

Kyreen Psychic Warrior


Tall human-ish character. Pale skind from which blue viens are seen. Black hair long and tied. Blue eye and one eye patch. A Psychic Warrior mercenary traveling from Kyren down the coast.

Along with the Psychic powers he wields, his arms include anything that can be thrown through the air and strike his enemies from afar. A knife, a shurikin, a hawk, even a mace that can be aimed at a persons head. His ability to either heighten the thrown force or move behind a target and catch them by surprise.


North of Endhome is the island nation of Kyren. The Kyreen sail the ocean to the east of the mainland. To the south is the island of Sahu. Only the Kyreen are permitted to sail safely to Sahu. Matthew was a mercenary aboard a cutter bound for Sahu. On the night of the storm, the cutter was firmly tied in Endhome.
Matthew was leaving his Inn to report back to his ship. A warehouse was struck by the winds and pulled down. Pinned beneath this building, Matthew lost an eye. His body was brought back into the Inn where he now encountered Sojin.

Matthew Tor

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