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Barakus was once one of the largest human strongholds and kingdoms of the east. This city was the center of comerce, travel, and politics in the human world when they were introduced to Geb.

As time rolled on the city and the kingdom died away. The city has had many new inhabitants in the 1000 some years since it was lost to the catacombs of the mountains. There has been evil and wickedry here. It still holds many secrets from it’s first creators. There have been dragons and orcs and who knows what else.

For many hundreds of years other humans and adventurers have gone looking for the city. Many have come to Endhome inending to go searching. Many have shown up from their advntures with wondrous treasures that they claim came from that fallen city. But nothing to date has been proven to come from that long lost civilization, and no one has lead a successful expedition to reclaim and excavate it’s depth.


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