From the Book:
Be intersection of the great north / south and east / west trade routes and the mouth of the Gaelon River has made Endhomthe trading capital of the continent. This independent city-state boasts a well trained and highly disciplined guard that keeps the streets safe and hospitable for its many wealthy and influential visitors. Because of its steadfast neutrality, central location, and friendly port, Endhome is where the wealthy come from every nation to broker deals and form alliances. Though the riverbed and surrounding countryside provide the citizens of endhome with ample food and resources, the city’s priary source of income is trade: every ship mooring in its harbor and every caravan passing through its gate must pay a small tax for the right to do business in this desirable location. Because it is the only city where merchants can buy or sell to other merchants from so many far off lands, the streets are always crowded with exotic travelers and businessment looking to make their fortune.
There is no lack of adventure in Endhome either, for where there is wealth there is alway intrigue, and some merchants deal in more than just silks and herbs. The taverns are filled with shady characters looking for discreet men to cary out one plan or another. What’s more, adventurers returning with rare treasures are always able to find interested buyers in the city’s bazaar and trading district.

From my Setting:
Endhome is designed to be a city on an eastern coast. I have set it as the largest port city on the east side of a continent in my personal setting. It is oposite of Freeport, another of the most popular drop in adventures.

This city is a port for ships from the Kyreen people of the North. And though the Kyreen come here to trade, sell, and buy, only the Kyreen are allowed to go trade with the island of Sahu which is from another (AD&D 2nd Ed) book.

Human ships sail from Endhome south and west to The Port of Abraal and then west and north to Freeport. There are many other small towns and ports and fishing villages that are called on along the rout, but these are the major spots. Along the north edge, particularly the north east, there is no place to stop or trade.

In my game, Endhome is a soverign state that governs the entire valley in which it resides. With the number of problems plaguing the world at this point, there is no eminent political strife between Endhome and the other neighboring states of various races. The desert to the east and the wastes of the north are harm enough on goodly people.


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