Geb is the planet that this game takes place on. Geb is a small planet in a pocket dimention created by a deity for his own personal experimentation with a living world.

Geb has 2 known main continents. Colemar, the mainland, and the large, cold island to the north, Kyren. South of both of these is Sahu, a sizable island that is known to be off limits to most others.

Size of Geb: 80% relative to what we know as planet earth. 5102.5 KM radius at equator VS 6378.1 km radus. 10,205 KM / 6, 341.1 MI width of Equator. Circumfrence 32,060 KM / 19,921.12 MI
Note: This should change Gravity. But in D&D it is stated that gravity is almost ALWAYS earth norm. I don’t want to screw with that.

Axis of Geb: 26^ (relative to earth 23.4^)

Orbital Duration: 405 days ((SUBJECT TO CHANGE with Calendar improvements))

Rotation Duration: 20 Hours

Satelite: Previous moon destroyed. Lunar Astaroid Belt surrounds equator.


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