Races of Geb

The world of Geb has a vast number of races living on it. Some in isolated pockets, some in larger realms, and some mixed in happily (or unhappily) in other civilizations.

While many of these races were born of the will of Aton during his many incarnations, some he literally took and transplanted here to see how they would integrate.

To begin with they will be listed from the source from where they were found. In later detail their “in world” history will be added.

Players Handbook
These races of the Players Handbook are found in the world of Geb.
However the natural Elves, and thus Half-Elves, are extinct. See Forest Elves. Remains of their civilization can be found. Natural (normal) Elves and Half-Elves are sometimes seen, but like Clerics, they are travelers from other worlds. Which is quite common.

These races of the Dragonlance setting are readily found on Geb.
There are Centaurs, Minotaurs and Ogres, but they are not available for Player Characters.

Oriental Adventures
*Spirit Folk
Note: the other races are allowed, but are not know to be established in the world.

Expanded Psionics Handbook 3.5
As the world is as equally Psionic as it is Magical, these races are also represented and available.
*Thri-Kreen / Thor-Kreen
The Githyanki and Githzerai are found here when they travel in from the astral plane. There is no reason they cannot be adventurous upon the world, but they are not known to live here.
Half-Giants have not been created here.

New Races
There are several new races that can be found on Geb. As they are in test mode, they are not suitable for Player Character play yet.

* Desert Elves The Desert Evles are by no means New, they were moved from Dark Sun. They are listed here because they are not suitable for Player Character play as yet.

Yes, there are a lot of options, and it does seem a bit overpowering to think that these would all have civilizations established on one world, but the history of Geb is one of a deity who often abandons projects and begins a new one with an entirely new outlook as it re-awakens during it’s cycle. An entire wilderness tribe of Thri-Kreen moved from one place to here or a new type of human commanded into existence is every day affair for the likes of Aton when his form re-emerges as one deity or many during each new part of the cycle.

Races of Geb

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